Sauce so good, you'll lick other people's fingers!

Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
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Hobbsie-Q Ribs
Hobbsie-Q Ribs

Slow cooked to perfection smothered in our signature Hobbsie-Q Sauce. So good you'll lick other people's fingers

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Hobbsies Mixed Greens
Hobbsies Mixed Greens

Hobbsies signature blend of Collard, Kale, and Mustard greens. Cooked to perfection with lots of bacon

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Pulled Pork or Chicken
Pulled Pork or Chicken

Slow cooked for 9 hours untill falling appart, then smothered in Hobbsie-Q sauce and topped with our signature coleslaw on a buttery grilled roll yumm

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Hobbsie Wings
Hobbsie Wings

Grilled chicken wings with your choice of sauce

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Hobbsie-Q Sliders
Hobbsie-Q Sliders

Smaller versions of our signature sandwich in your choice of chicken or pork

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  Prices Per Person  (10 min)
Hobbsie-Q Ribs(1/2 rack)*         $12
Pulled Chicken or Pork            $5
w/ Coleslaw
Beef Brisket(1/4lb)*                  $13
Wings*                                    $5
Pulled Sliders(chicken/pork)       $2.50
Steak Tip                              $15
Kebobs (2/person)                       $6
pork* beef* chicken* or veggie
Hobbsie-Q Sausage                $5
add/peppers & onions +$1

*=Includes one sauce per 10 portions

Always made from scratch
$10 pt $18qt

Our Signature better than BBQ sauce



Korean BBQ style Teriyaki based sauce

Sweet Karoline

Our take on South Carolina style mustard BBQ


Momma’s Secret Muscle

Honey based Buffalo style sauce

Sweet like momma, but she’ll pop you



Traditional Buffalo style sauce

Sm$30  Lg$60

10-15 ppl 25-30 ppl

Mixed Vegetables
Corn On The Cob(seasonal)
Green Beans
Rice (asst. styles)
Hobbsie Baked Beans
Fried Plantains
Mashed Potatoes
Lima Beans
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Sm$40  Lg$80

10-15 ppl 25-30 ppl

Collard Greens
Mac and Cheese
Candied Yams
Appetizer platters
Sm$25   Lg$50
10-15 ppl 25-30 ppl
Garden Salad
Vegetable Platter
Cheese & Crackers
Cold Cut platter
Bread $13 /dozen
Sweet Potato Pie                   $18
Apple or Peach Cobbler        $18
Chesecake(asst styles)                      $20
Chocolate Chip Cookie(dozen) $15
All Catering orders must be confirmed and paid in full
minimum 7 days before expected delivery / pickup

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